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A Whimsical San Antonio Garden Party

This beautiful and whimsical San Antonio garden party is truly what all little girls' dreams are made of! In celebration of her daughter's first birthday, Nicola Bathie created a wonderland in her backyard complete with hundreds of loosely arranged colorful blooms, an afternoon picnic fare, melodies from a string quartet, as well as the most adorable candy cart and tot-sized hot air balloon both decked out in an array of pastel-hued balloons.

As an established Interior and Jewelry Designer, Nicola has a natural eye for the design elements that went into planning this birthday celebration. Inspiration for her garden party theme sprung from our Garden Tales Collection that features watercolor artwork by the talented hand of Dixie artist Gina Langford. You can shop the invitation that Nicola chose for the party here. We love how Nicola  incorporated the invitation's design into part of the party's decor!

There are so many stunning elements of this celebration that are noteworthy! Nicola had the beautiful paper mache hot air balloons that suspended from the trees made on site just hours before the party began! Also, be sure not to miss the party favor table, displaying individual watering cans with little seed packets of poppy seeds for all of the party guests to take home with them. We invite you to scroll through the following images of this precious afternoon and dare you not to be inspired by all of the beauty!


Photography, Caroline Behrens Photo 
Food, Picnikins
Flowers, Amapola Flora
Balloons, BalloonBoutiqueSA
Paper Mache Hot Air Balloons, Glitterville
Table Linens, India Amory



"Best Bugs" Valentine's Day Cupcake Decorating Party

Dixie Owner and Founder Jennifer Hunt recently hosted her son's pre-K class for an afternoon of Valentine's Day cupcake decorating. After seeing the images from the party, we are convinced there is nothing more adorable than children decked out in aprons and chef hats allowed to descend upon oodles of candy and sprinkles in pursuit of the perfect lady bug cupcake decoration! 

The cupcake decorating was under the direction of Itty Bitty Bakers' Owner, Jessica Hamby. The company hosts baking classes, camps, and parties for children ages 3-12. Jessica believes that sprinkles are the love language of children, and this Valentine's Day party was no exception! Drawing inspiration from our Ladybug Invitation by Dixie artist Eden Flora, Jessica brought already prepared chocolate cupcakes as well as red frosting and sprinkles, mini Oreo pieces, candy eyes, and Pocky Sticks for the children to create their ladybug masterpieces. Each child made two cupcakes - one to eat at the party and one to take home!

In addition to their ladybug cupcake, the children were sent home with cookies by Reabakes that were perfectly decorated with the same artwork found on the invitation and tied with our Ladybug Gift Tags. Continue scrolling for more Valentine fun complete with fabulous balloon garlands, a giant calligraphy heart balloon and a preschool-sized table and Chiavari chairs, all from Party Pickup, customized lady bug water bottles, and beautiful florals from Huckleberry Collective. And one of Jennifer's favorite decorating tricks is to have fabric cut for a tablecloth that matches the party theme and colors. Have the edges stitched and then you have the perfect backdrop for your table and you can throw it in the wash when you're finished!

We have included all of the party sources at the bottom of the post.

Jessica Hamby, owner of Itty Bitty Bakers


Cupcake Decorating Class, Itty Bitty Bakers
Invitation and gift tags, Ladybug Collection by Dixie Design Collective
Florals, Huckleberry Collective
Balloon Garlands and Hand Calligraphy Heart Balloon, Party Pickup

Mini Table and Chiavari Chairs, Party Pickup
Decorated Cookies, Reabakes 
Tablecloth, custom cut from King Cotton Fabric
Aprons and Hats, Opentip
Plates and Bowls, Pottery Barn Kids
Photography, Hannah Williams Photography

Artist Spotlight: Willa Heart's Colorful Studio Space

As the Dixie team is staring down a "Winter Storm Warning" in our little Southeastern corner of the country, we thought everyone could use a heavy dose of color and cheer brought to you by Dixie artist Alyssa 'Aly' Jill Harris who goes by the name Willa Heart in the illustration and design world.  Aly's artistic mediums are widespread! While we are particularly fond of her painted artwork on our stationery, Aly's embroidery, illustrations, and designs also make for one-of-a-kind pillows, clutches, and cocktail coasters as well.

Aly has shared images of her vibrant South Carolina studio space with us, and we cannot help but notice her love of animal prints and Staffordshire dogs that appear throughout her Dixie Design artwork. Continue reading for design details on Aly's studio space as well as for insight into her creative process. We have also included some of our favorite Dixie Designs that feature Aly's artwork below. 

Tell us about your studio space! Do you have a favorite aspect of the room?

My studio space is a cute little room upstairs that I just started working out of. Up until a few months ago, I was painting and doing most of my work in the dining room. Now that I am actually in the studio, I love it. It is a small space and I have it filled to the brim with tchotchkes, art supplies, sewing supplies and all of my products. 

I love that everything is in one space now and that the walls are the perfect shade of pale pink! 

What are you currently working on for Dixie? 

I am just wrapping up Holiday 2019! I love a non-traditional holiday card so it was really fun coming up with some out-of-the-box holiday designs that will work for everyone! 

When do you work on your artwork?  

I try and stick to 9-5, but I tend to get distracted and end up working a few hours here, a few hours there. I do all of my painting in the daylight but love to draw and sketch at night in front of the TV. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

On an ideal day I wake up, go to the gym, come home and get to work. I like to do shipping in the morning so my lovely mail lady will pick it up and save me a trip to the post office. Then I will get started on painting or sketching or sewing or product development… It changes daily but I like to do the fun creative stuff in the middle of the day when the sun is nice and bright. I am a bit obsessed with sunlight. After I wrap up the painting or whatever I am doing, I switch to computer work. I start with emails and then normally have some editing to do. Then I make dinner and watch trashy tv. 

Where do you turn when you need to be creatively refreshed? 

Movies with pretty cinematography are endlessly inspiring. I love looking at photos of retro interior design and seeing how people decorated their homes. I have been super into wandering around museums lately too! 

What do you like to listen to when you work? 

I normally have a TV show going and listen to it… If it’s a really good show, it will distract me so I need the perfect balance of good/bad and mindless but also entertaining enough to keep my brain quiet. 

I am trying to listen to more podcasts or books, so I can maybe learn something but I seem to always end up back with the terrible tv I love so much. Learning is overrated anyway. 

Favorite Instagram account for artistic inspiration?

Oh this is hard because Instagram is filled with so many beautiful accounts! I few of my favorites are @Laurakitty, @lukeedwardhall, @stuffy_muffy, @thiswasfashion, @voguemagazine & @palmbeachthrifters.

Favorite Dixie product you have created?

I am super excited about the 2019 holiday cards, specifically these poodles that I painted! 

My favorite product that is currently available would definitely be the leopards (featured below and you can shop the entire collection here). I used them for our holiday cards and they were a huge hit! The envelope liner makes me so happy. Also, they make the most chic stationery set! Speaking of, I think I will go ahead and order some for myself right now! 

Studio Images Photography:: Tiffany Ellis Photo


Merry Christmas from the Dixie Family!

Merry Christmas to you and yours! The Dixie family is tremendously grateful for the exciting holiday season we have had and for the support from our wonderful customers throughout this past year. Wishing you a season of joy and love with your family and friends! 


The Dixie Family

Jennifer Hunt, Founder and Owner

Photo and Styling by Christina Brockman of Huckleberry Collective

Holly Hollon, Creative Director and Dixie Artist
Photo and Styling by Christina Brockman of Huckleberry Collective

Kate King, Operations Director

Sloan Crawford, Marketing Coordinator

Bethany Terrell, Website and Production Assistant

Eden Flora, Dixie Artist

Sarah Robins Powell, Dixie Artist

Inslee Fariss, Dixie Artist

Gina Langford, Dixie Artist

Laurie Anne Gonzalez, Dixie Artist

Rachel Rogers, Dixie Artist

Shanna Masters, Dixie Artist 

Willa Heart, Dixie Artist

Bonnie Cross, Dixie Artist 



Q & A with Tastemaker Laura Nell Burton

We are excited to share our Q & A with Laura Nell Burton with you! Laura Nell is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Cloche Designs which specializes in event and wedding design and planning. Based in San Antonio, Texas, the Cloche team is known for its dedication to creating lovely meaningful details for their clients. We featured the beautiful holiday home decorations of Laura Nell earlier this week

As one of our Holiday Tastemakers this year, Laura Nell collaborated with Dixie artist Gina Langford to create a stunning holiday paper collection that features Laura Nell's family crest. You can shop this collection that here, and we have also featured it at the bottom of this post.

Continue reading for the details on the precious holiday traditions that Laura Nell has established with her three children including trimming her tree with ornaments from childhood, as well as the creative inspiration she continues to draw from her talented late mother.

What did you dream of being when you were a kid 
& What is your most sentimental Christmas tree trimming?: 

Growing up I starred in school plays and musicals and dreamed of being on the Broadway stage. Every Christmas my mother would give me ornaments that represented significant milestones from the year gone by. All of those ornaments are all very precious to me today but my most treasured of all were the ones she needlepointed for me with the names of each play and musical—happy memories that are still such a gift! I don’t believe in Christmas trees full of pretty ornaments with no meaning – I am very sentimental about my tree and can pretty much tell you the story, meaning behind and giver of every ornament on my tree! When Cloche Designs decorates our clients’ homes for the holidays, we always have the client trim their own tree first as a family activity, then we come in and just tweak a little with colored balls and ribbon to tie the tree into the rest of how we trim the house.

Favorite Holiday Tradition:

My favorite holiday tradition is that growing up I would bake and decorate an entire cookie scene for Santa each year. My mother would wrap a large piece of cardboard in pretty wrapping paper and I would create Santa in his sleigh with reindeer in the sky and houses with Christmas trees below. She gave me full creative freedom and I always made a beautiful mess of flour, icing and sprinkles everywhere! She curated a wonderful collection of cookie cutters for me that I still have after four decades and today my three children make their own beautiful mess with the same cookie cutters.

Dream Dinner Date: 

My favorite country is Italy, and my favorite Italian city is Positano. So, if I could beam myself to any corner of the world for dinner it would be with my favorite dinner date (my husband) to La Sponda Restaurant at Le Sirenuse Hotel which is illuminated by four hundred candles and overlooks the Amalfi coast. I would drink cold, crisp pinot grigio and indulge in fresh oysters, and decadent truffle seafood pasta and finish off the evening with cappuccino and Limoncello.

Favorite Last Minute Holiday Gift Idea:

You can never go wrong with a Christmas ornament chosen with the gift recipient specifically in mind (make it meaningful) and I always love a good coffee table book – my latest favorite is Reese Witherspoons’ new book Whisky in a Teacup. I also believe you can never have too many linens or sets of china! My parents travel a lot and they have started shopping for vintage pieces of my wedding china (Herend Queen Victoria) throughout the year and tucking them away for my birthday and Christmas – which isn’t last minute but it’s so incredibly thoughtful and touches me so much each time I open their packages that I wanted to share the idea.

Most memorable read: 

I have so many favorite books! I’m proud to own Harry Potter first editions which I devoured in my 20s and I think J.K. Rowling’s success story—overcoming dozens of literary rejections and major personal obstacles is incredibly inspiring—girl power! A recent read I loved is All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr about a blind French girl as she tries to survive the devastation of World War II. I was a journalism major in college and I love words—truly the perfect combination of nouns, adjectives and verbs is absolutely an art form! In this book the gorgeous physical detail (illustrated through the hands of a child who cannot see—which I cannot fathom since my own eyes are my creative compass) is palpable and the metaphors are so beautiful, I highly recommend it.

Favorite San Antonio eatery: 

My favorite San Antonio restaurant is The Argyle which is housed in a wonderful mansion built in the late 1800s as the headquarters of a horse farm. The Argyle as it stands today was founded as a non-profit private dining club in the late 1940s for the sole purpose of raising funds for biomedical research. I have made countless memories on the grounds of The Argyle including my own wedding. My husband and I take our children there often after church on Sundays and it is our favorite San Antonio date night spot. Even with the coat and tie dress code, and mannerly atmosphere my children consider it their favorite dining experience. There is something magical about The Argyle and its old-world traditions preserved over time, that cannot be matched anywhere.

What inspires you most? 

My greatest inspiration is the memory of my mother who was a textile artist and died at the age of 43 when I was only 16. She was an extraordinary creative and taught me the art of eclectic juxtaposition. I definitely channel her when I am marrying high with low, or playing with different textures, colors and styles. Growing up, she would say to me “Laura Nell, you have magic.” Not a day passes that I don’t hear those words echo in my mind, they have defined my life.
I have a strong faith and believe that we were knitted together by a Creator who places in us a deeply seeded yearning for an Eden so glorious it is beyond our wildest imagination, which is why we all walk this earth in the first place. That pursuit of beauty is fundamentally what drives me each and every day, and it is the heartbeat of Cloche Designs.

Prized Possession: 

My wedding ring, because it is the outward symbol of what matters to me most on this earth, my precious husband who gives me a beautiful home life and love story to live out each day with our three children, Nancy Nell (12), Marguerite (8) and Byron (6).

Go-to hostess gift: 

You can never go wrong with French milled soap, a Diptyque candle or classic Veuve Cliquot champagne (tie a thick satin ribbon around the bottle neck with a Dixie Design gift tag and you’ll win every time)!

Hidden Talent: 

Something unexpected is that even though I am a creative, I also have a very Type A personality. I am super organized, and I love lists! I spent ten years in marketing and public relations in the Big Four accounting industry working for demanding accountants who had the highest professional expectations of me. I am so thankful for the experience and skills I learned under the leaders that groomed me during that time in my career because it has balanced out the right and left sides of my brain which has proved invaluable in running a business.


Um, yes! I drink one cup in the morning and then on the way to pick my kids up from school I indulge in a vanilla latte to-go from Local Coffee here in San Antonio. I literally pack my lunch for work at home so that I don’t feel bad about the daily expense of my heavenly vanilla latte! I also cannot live without chardonnay (don’t forget a few ice cubes)!

What is your number one tool of the trade? 

Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks! There will be critics but it is ultimately up to you to decide whether they will define you and whether you will let them steal your fire. Go with your gut. Walk to your own beat! Make your own magic! Be passionate! There are no rules when it comes to creativity. You be you!

Decking the Halls with Cloche Designs' Laura Nell Burton

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  For Laura Nell Burton, this means decking the halls of her lovely San Antonio home with elegant holiday flourishes inspired by its existing teal and yellow color palette. Laura Nell is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Cloche Designs which specializes in event and wedding design and planning. The Cloche team is well known for its dedication to creating lovely meaningful details for their clients.

As one of our 2018 Holiday Tastemakers, Laura Nell was able to collaborate with Dixie artist Gina Langford to create a customized holiday paper suite (shown above) that also mirrors the yellows and teal hues found throughout her home. 

Laura Nell's regal paper collection sets the tone as she prepares her home for her holiday entertaining. With her daughters' help, Laura Nell adorns her home's exteriors and living spaces with an abundance of fresh greenery and teal velvet ribbon. 

Laura Nell's beautiful table setting elements include Arte Italica Medici Wine Glasses; Herend Queen Victoria Dinner Plates; Anna Weatherley Harvest Gold Chargers; and Sasha Nicholas 24K Gold Salad Plate. The linen napkin is by SFERRA. The flatware is Reed & Barton Grande Renaissance and the stemware is William Yeoward Fern. Dixie's Creative Director Holly Hollon penned the gold calligraphy on each of the place cards.

This menu is also part of Laura Nell's tastemaker collection and can be shopped here.

Laura Nell carries the yellow and teal color scheme through into all of her wrapped presents each year. She will order one type of wrapping paper and then will buy her ribbon in a variety of widths, textures and shades.

We love how Laura Nell has incorporated her monogrammed crest gift tags not only on her wrapped presents, but also on her party guest favors shown above and below.

Known for never leaving a detail unturned, Laura Nell has even carefully color-coordinated her own as well as her girls' beautiful outfits to match her holiday color palette! 

Stay tuned for our Tastemaker Q&A with Laura Nell coming next on the blog! 

New Artist Spotlight: Smith Diano

Today we would like to introduce you to one of our newest Dixie artists, Smith Diano! Smith is an amazingly talented artist, and is the owner/designer behind Textiles by SMITH. After seven years in the fashion industry, Smith transferred her creative talents into the interior design world becoming a textile designer. Travis & Company in Atlanta and Supply Showroom in Austin represent her fabric lines. Smith lives in Birmingham with her husband, toddler, and golden doodle.

We could not be more thrilled that Smith is also now also lending her artistic talents to Dixie! Scroll through to see some of her work below and make sure you keep reading for our Q & A with Smith.

Artwork Images from @bysmith_

Dream destination: 


Magical place:

Ha Long Bay in Vietnam 

Ideal dinner date: 

Barbara Walters 

Listening to:

Fleet Foxes: Mykonos

Recommended read: 

Mom’s on Call 

Favorite recent film:


Food groups: 

All Pasta dishes, Burgers, & Sushi

Power color:


Personal treasure:

My daughter Lillian

One should always:

Write thank you notes

Favorite road trip game:

A clean version of would you rather

Perfect cup of joe:

Milk and sugar please

Creative fuel:

Ear buds in with my favorite songs, lots sunlight, and a clean space

Tool of the trade:

My Windsor watercolor set

You can shop Smith's holiday cards including the beautiful designs below by clicking HERE.

A 30A Holiday Brunch

For anyone who has been lucky enough to experience the glittering white sandy beaches of 30A in the Florida panhandle, you would probably agree that the scenery is very close to idyllic. So what could be better than a beautiful holiday brunch in this coastal location where the warmer days cling to the waning of the autumn season?

Dixie's Senior Designer and 30A local Shelby Boston gathered her friends together for a toast to the holiday season which marks the beginning of a slower-paced season at the beach. Shelby chose Dixie artist Smith Diano's beautifully modern Sea Color Wheel collection for her invitations, recipe cards and gift tags shown above. We think this collection perfectly captures the colors of the beaches of 30A. Continue scrolling for the scrumptious and beautiful brunch buffet and all of the holiday sweets on the party menu, including some of 30A baker Elisabeth & Butter's treats!

The table was set with a variety of beautiful Juliska dinnerware and dishes as well as little holiday decor touches from a local shop, Mingle 30A.

Shelby chose a selection of Rose wine from the 30A Coastal Dunes Wine Company.

Spiced tea is one of our favorites this time of year! Our owner, Jennifer Hunt, shared her family's traditional spiced tea recipe with us last year on the blog. You can find the post here. And the lovely napkin fabric shown above was created by Smith Diano, who also created the art featured in the Dixie paper used for the party!  Visit Smith's textile company to shop all her gorgeous fabric designs.

These classic cinnamon rolls are given holiday flair with orange and cranberry flavors infused into the recipe. You can find Elisabeth & Butter's Orange Cranberry Cinnamon Roll Recipe here.

The brunch's grand finale was this stunning Gingerbread Layered Cake with hand-decorated gingerbread cookies by baking genius, Elisabeth & Butter. The gingerbread cookies used on the cake were also included in the party favors shown below. You can find Elisabeth's recipe for these adorable cookies here.


Paper | Invitation, Menu, Gift Tag
Photography | Brenna Kneiss
Holiday Decor | Mingle 30A

Dinnerware and Dishes | Juliska
Baked Goods, Elisabeth & Butter
Textiles | Textiles by Smith

New Artist Spotlight: Evelyn Henson

We are thrilled with the addition of new artist Evelyn Henson to our Dixie Family! Evelyn is a Southern illustrator who designs art and gifts for a more brightly decorated life, aiming to celebrate the little things and spark kindness wherever she goes. Working primarily in gouache and acrylic, Evelyn is known for filling her stylish pieces with bright colors and clever, joyful dispositions. Her work has been featured in Glamour, Domino, Redbook, People, and more. She is currently based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Scroll through to see some of her work below and make sure you keep reading to learn more about Evelyn!

Artwork Images from @evelyn_henson 

Dream destination:


Magical place:


Ideal dinner date:

Reese Witherspoon

Favorite album:

Taylor Swift Shake It Off

Recommended read:

Everything by Brene Brown

Favorite recent film:

It Takes Two

Favorite foods:

Caramel brownies, chocolate cake, & Talenti’s Sea salt Caramel gelato

What is your favorite color: 


Beach or mountains: 


Daily inspiration:

The little things in everyday life

Creative fuel:

The people I love and iced chai lattes.

Prized possessions:

A gold locket my Grandmother gave me that has my parents’ photos on the inside.

One should always:

Write thank you notes

Go-to hostess gift:

Champagne with a cute card!

Childhood dream:

Becoming an artist

Shop Evelyn's cards seen below by clicking HERE.  

Card Photography Credits:: Holland Williams PhotographyBrenna Kneiss Photo Co.Heather Durham Photography

Q & A with Tastemaker Mandy Kellogg Rye

Image by Kathryn McCrary

In case you do not already know the fabulous Mandy Kellogg Rye, please allow us to introduce you!  Mandy is the Founder and Creative Director of the Waiting on Martha brand. Mandy, a Michigan native, is an editorial and interior stylist who has worked with top brands such as Kate Spade, Beholdn, Gap, Old Navy and Pottery Barn, and that’s just naming a few. Her styling work has been featured in Domaine Home, Harper’s Bazaar and House Beautiful, and her blog was recently named one of the top entertaining blogs by Better Homes and Gardens.

Mandy founded Waiting on Martha after a move to Chicago, a city that inspired her to have a creative outlet where she could share her love of Martha Stewart, food, wine and party planning. After her blog took off, she opened up a Waiting on Martha storefront in Atlanta. When she is not working, she can be found with her husband, as well as their King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Addison, in Atlanta who inspired her tastemaker collection.

Keep scrolling for some of Mandy's incredible styling work as well as some of our favorite products from her store!

Source:: Waiting on Martha


Below shop a few of our favorite things from Mandy's store that are perfect for the holidays or your desk:


Staffordshire Dog Ornament


Letter Stand with Pen Rest


Cheers Champagne Ornament


Vietri Old St. Nick Mug

Kate Spade Acrylic Tortoise Pen Cup

Sugar Paper Signature Pen

Mandy's Portfolio Photography:: Rustic White Interiors unless otherwise noted
Product Images from:: Waiting on Martha Shop

Mandy's Tastemaker Collection

Dixie artist Inslee Fariss teamed up with Mandy to bring you a fun-loving Cavalier King Charles Spaniel holiday collection inspired by none other than Mandy's beloved dog, Addison! Knowing Mandy's quirky sense of humor and style, Inslee was inspired to paint Addison enjoying all the fun events of the holidays, from toasting champagne to skiing the slopes of Vermont and, of course, waiting under the mistletoe for a kiss. This collection is sure to bring joy to you and friends this holiday season. Click the collection image below to shop. And you can shop this adorable design in gift wrap as well! 

And to get to know Mandy a little bit better, be sure to continue reading for our Q & A chat with her below!

Favorite Holiday Tradition: 

There are so many, but the holiday tradition that has stood the test of time is Secret Santa. When I was younger my father would wrap gifts for everyone in our family, including himself, in this stunning, often extravagant matching paper. When I was younger those gifts were the first to be placed under the tree, arriving on Christmas Eve. Now that we’ve grown they’re the last gifts brought out and possibly the ones we look forward to most.

Dream Dinner Party Guests: 

Jesus, Oprah, Gwyneth Paltrow, Misty Copeland, Jimmy Fallon, The Obamas, Prince Harry, Tom Hanks, Reese Witherspoon, J.K. Rowling, Trevor Noah, Al Gore, Richard Branson, and my husband.

Favorite Last Minute Holiday Gift Idea:

food gift baskets. Who doesn’t love a great gourmet food basket you can easily make themed: pizza, cocktail, cheese, wine, etc.

Most memorable read: 

The Harry Potter Series

Favorite Atlanta eatery: 

Superica, Houstons, Sotto Sotto, Pasta Da Pulcinella, KR Steak Bar, Chick-fil-A

What inspires you most? 

Getting very quiet, and being in a space I can breathe. Usually that means escaping the city and heading either to the mountains or to the Bahamas.

Prized Possession: 

My King Charles Cavalier Addison, while she’s not a possession she’s who/what I would always rescue first if there was a fire.

Most sentimental Christmas tree trimming: 

Every Christmas growing up was very sentimental. My parents loved the holiday and passed that love down to me. Growing up however, we had two different Christmas trees. The tree in the living room which was my mother’s pride and joy. Every ornament matched, ribbons were carefully run up and over every branch, and well the tree topper was definitely the

Go-to hostess gift: 

A great bottle of wine wrapped in a Le Jacquard kitchen towel

Hidden Talent: 

Honestly, I don’t think I have one. Any of my talents I’m pretty loud and proud about, ha!

Starbucks Order: 

Fair warning, I am that annoying Starbucks ordering person. Venti extra shot caramel macchiato with almond milk, hot and a venti unsweetened iced green tea, no ice.

What did you dream of being when you were a kid? 

So many things; lawyer, ballerina, president, store owner…literally everything at some point or the other.

What is your number one tool of the trade? 

Authenticity. This may not seem like your typical “tool” but I can stand here today and say throughout my entire journey I’ve always been completely who I am, no apologies. And there’s no better feeling then living your most authentic, honest, life.

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