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Dixie's Guide to Calling Cards

Did you know that in addition to our notecards, invitations, holiday cards, and wedding suites, we also offer beautiful semi-custom calling cards? Similar in size to a business card, these personalized miniature cards can be quite handy to include either on top or inside a wrapped gift, or paired with a homemade item baked for someone special. Dixie’s Creative Consultant Holly Hollon loves the idea of laminating a calling card to transform it into a chic luggage tag!

While calling cards are used today in many social settings, they are most certainly not a by-product of the millennial age. Their rich history dates back to the 19th century in Victorian-Era Europe where wealthy society had stringent rules dictating how and when social visits could ensue. We have had a ball learning about how these once simple engraved cards were used in a time before you could reach someone via a telephone or even now through a few smartphone keystrokes. We have included below three of our favorite facts about the original uses of calling cards. You just may be inspired to tuck a few of your own calling cards away for your next networking gathering or party.

  1. Calling cards, often called visiting cards, began as a simple way to request a future visit of the recipient's home. If the recipient was not home, a servant would accept the calling card and leave it in a silver tray in an entrance hall. Often, the cards of the wealthy members of society would be intentionally displayed on the top of a stack of calling cards to impress future house visitors.
  2. Turning a corner down on your calling card upon delivery could indicate several different reasons or expectations for the visit, all depending upon which corner was bent. Various messages such as a visit in person (as opposed to a servant delivering the card), a congratulatory visit, a condolence visit, or an announcement that you were about to leave town could be communicated merely by turning down a certain corner of your calling card. Sometimes short notes were written on the card to specify the meaning of the visit.
  3. The first calling card visit or “call” did not usually result in a face-to-face meeting. If you wanted to kindle a friendship with a particular person, you would drop off a card and return home to wait to see if the receiver would reply with their own card a few days later to initiate an in-person visit. If no return card was received or if the response card was sealed in an envelope upon return, it meant a visit would not be accepted.

We hope you enjoyed our brief history lesson. Be sure to check out our complete line of calling cards on our website. With numerous style and artwork choices, you’ll surely find the perfect calling card to make a lasting impression!

Sources we used in our research can be found here and here.

Merry Christmas from the Dixie Family!

Merry Christmas! As another Dixie holiday season is coming to a close, we are experiencing overwhelming gratitude for all of our loyal customers this past year. We hope this holiday season brings each of you joy, rest, and time well spent with those you love!


The Dixie Family

Jennifer Hunt, Founder and Owner, and Buddy Hunt, Wholesale Director

Holly Hollon, Creative Consultant and Artist

Kate King, Operations Director

Casey Snipes, Marketing Director

Lucy Young, Design Director and Artist

Shelby Boston, Design Director

Lindsey Jennings, Designer

Brennan Smith, Designer

Mary Beth Chau, Designer

Bethany Terrell, Website and Production

Sloan Crawford, Blog and Newsletter Editor

Kathleen Bunn, Production Assistant

Jennifer Phillips, Seasonal Designer 

Sarah Robbins Powell, Artist

Shanna Masters Moczygemba, Artist

Gina Langford, Artist  

Inslee Fariss, Artist  

Rachel Rogers, Artist

Abby Little Jessup, Artist

Ashley Begley, Artist 

Aly Harris (aka Willa Heart), Artist

Sarah Boyd, Operations Assistant

LaurieAnne Gonzalez, Artist

Faces of Dixie: Operations Director Kate King

Our Faces of Dixie series continues today with Dixie's Operations Director, Kate King! Kate's role is very similar to an air traffic controller... she keeps all of the various team members of Dixie on schedule and en route. 

Born in Louisiana, raised in Texas, college in South Carolina, and currently residing in Alabama, Kate considers herself truly a daughter of the South!  She is a type A personality from a family of very creative people. Kate has always seen the art of a handwritten note on beautiful stationery as her creative outlet. Dixie allows her to carry out her type A tendencies while watching beautiful art made into beautiful paper. Kate moved to Birmingham in 2013, where she lives with her husband, Stephen, their 2 young boys, and their dog. When she is not chasing her toddlers around, she loves reading, enjoying good food with friends, and getting back to Charleston any chance she can.

We cannot wait for you to read more about this important member of our Dixie family!

Our Q&A with Kate:


I was born in Alexandria, Louisiana, but we moved to Tyler, Texas, when I as 18 months old. So, I consider Tyler to be home. 

Alma Mater?

College of Charleston. I truly don’t think there is a better college experience than living in Downtown Charleston. I decided to apply to the College of Charleston after a vacation there. My mom and I both commented how much we loved the city and my mom said, “Well, let’s see if there’s a college, you could live here for 4 years!” I’m still just as enchanted with the city now as I was then!

What was your very first job out of school? 

My husband and I worked for a college ministry at the College of Charleston called Campus Outreach and I taught pre-school.

Favorite Dixie Product?

There are so many that I love. But I do have 4 of our notepads around the house and they definitely keep my life straight! I have been a compulsive list maker since high school, so I love to have one close at hand. I would say that my next go-to would be our thank you cards. Handwritten notes are my favorite, and if you don’t already send them, thank you notes are a great way to start incorporating them in your day-to-day life.

Favorite date night spot in Birmingham?

Our go to is Joe’s Italian in Alabaster, we love their tomato basil soup. It’s incredible! We recently went to The Essential for our 8th anniversary and it became a new favorite. The food is great, and for us the brick street felt like a tiny escape back to Charleston in the middle of downtown Birmingham. 

Favorite Birmingham spot to hang out with your boys?

We love Wildflower Park in Hoover, it’s a great shaded park where we have spent many hours! We also got a membership to the McWane Science Center last Christmas (*gift idea if you need one*) and it has been amazing! 

Favorite music to get you in the mood to work?

So, I really don’t have one thing I listen to. I bounce a little bit all over the place and I have several playlists on Spotify that I jump between depending on my mood. I do throw on Netflix in the background a lot. I like to put on shows that I’ve seen many times so that I don't have to fully pay attention and still know what’s going on. So that usually means Gilmore Girls, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Criminal Minds or NCIS.

What does a day in life as Kate look like? 

Oh man…that’s a loaded question. So, since I have a 3.5 year old and an almost 2 year old, my day starts pretty early. My Dixie Day gets started once my husband leaves and takes the boys to daycare. After I pour a LARGE cup of coffee, I jump on email and making sure there’s nothing pressing. I field LOADS of emails and texts from Jennifer, Buddy for wholesale things, Kim (our customer service guru), the designers, our uploaders, and Casey for social media things. I even can be found helping ship things out. Most of the time I’m checking in with people and my trusty spreadsheets to make sure we are staying on track with all our deadlines from designs to orders. I always end my day checking orders and assigning them out to designers, so that they all have things to work on the next day when they sit down to work. 

Since we all work at different times throughout the day, I do try to be available for emergencies or questions throughout the day as needed. Honestly, most of my day could be summed up by making sure everything is moving smoothly, and everyone has the information, and tools to focus on their tasks and do their jobs well. The way I see it, if I’m doing my job correctly, then everyone else is able to do their job better and more efficiently.

Favorite Instagram account (or accounts) to follow for inspiration?

I’m not going to lie; my favorite accounts are just those of my closest friends. Having moved from Texas to South Carolina and now to Alabama, it’s the best way to stay up to date on their lives. I’m someone who has always valued deep relationships, so moving has always been hard on me. So, I love getting to see pictures of how their lives are and connecting through it.

But as far as official accounts, my favorites right now are super practical or relatable ones, I think. (As a working mom with 2 toddlers, I need all the practicality and relatability I can get!) I love Things.I.Bought.And.Liked for product recommendations, she’s so real and honest. Naptime Kitchen has great recipes, my favorites are her daily green drink, her spaghetti sauce, and her honey ginger lemon water (I have been drinking it daily this winter). K8Smallthings has great beauty/hair tips but her stories are so funny and relatable, I really love her. And lastly HolyCityChic has great style and gives me the glimpses of Charleston that I miss.

If you could spend your perfect day anywhere in the world, where would you be and what would you do?

That’s so easy! Except it wouldn’t be a day, it would have to be like a month, to roam Italy, from Rome to Milan to Venice, but I would need extra time to sit and sip wine and soak in the beauty of the Italian Countryside.

Describe Dixie Design in three words or less:

Quality, fun, classy. That goes for our products and our team! ;)

Kid's Party Prep: A Winter Wonderland

Today we are excited to bring you an adorable Winter Wonderland-themed children's party as we finish off our Kid's Party Prep series! We love that this frosty blue and white color scheme is gender neutral, but the polar bears and the wintry forest we have incorporated here seems perfect for a little boy's celebration. Our Winter Wonderland Collection by Dixie artist Rachel Rogers provided the artistic direction for the decor, sweets, and favor boxes for these birthday festivities.

Our talented local friends at Party Pick-Up did an outstanding job helping us pull all of the arctic party elements together. The striped straws, the forest green plates, the wooden cutlery, and the snowy woodland-themed favor boxes filled with play polar bears and sweet treats are sure to be a hit with any little guy!

It's going to be hard to keep those with a sweet tooth away from the snack table at this party, which is set with a delectable spread of macaroons, pillowy-white meringues, and chocolate candies! Courtney Wright from Savor Style has such a gift for pulling together the most beautiful and tasty party trays!

Last but not least, is any party truly complete without a dozen or so beautifully iced sugar cookies?! These adorable polar bear and snowflake cookies are the product of Hey Kat Bakes' creative baking hands.

Maybe this Winter Wonderland-themed party will herald in the snowflakes for a white Christmas this year! Click here to shop the Collection that inspired this party, and you can read the other posts in our Kid's Party Prep holiday series here.

Photography: Mary Margaret Smith Photography


Dixie Wedding Mood Board: The Edelweiss Collection

The Dixie team is constantly inspired by the artwork our artists create for each of our semi-custom Wedding Suites, so we wanted to share some of that inspiration with you! 
The romantic wintery scenes that grace our Edelweiss Wedding Suite prompted us to fill a whole Pinterest board with ideas for a wedding inspired by these classic vignettes that were illustrated by Dixie artist Holly Hollon

Below you can find a little taste of our vision, and then you can head to Pinterest for an entire board of our Edelweiss Suite inspired wedding ideas! 

**All images via Pinterest** 

Faces of Dixie: Marketing Director Casey Snipes

Today we continue our Faces of Dixie series with our Marketing Director Extraordinaire, Casey Snipes! Casey is the face behind all of Dixie's social media and marketing platforms. 

After spending years in the world of retail, Casey eventually found her passion in styling, creative direction, and social media management. She loves being able to help clients visually capture and communicate the essence of their businesses. She has very much enjoyed stepping into the Marketing Director roll at Dixie, and wakes up extra early and extra excited on photoshoot days. Outside of work, Casey enjoys traveling with her husband, hunting for vintage clothes, reading biographies on George Washington, spending time with her two cats, Luna and Minerva, and dreaming up plans for baby Zoe's nursery (due in February!). Continue scrolling to learn about a very special holiday collection custom created just for her and for our Q&A with Casey at the bottom of the post.

True to her stylist propensities, Casey has dubbed her overall holiday aesthetic as "A Barbie Christmas in Palm Springs, Scotland," conveying her love of all things tartan, floral, and pink. Her Scottish roots truly run deep while also carrying some regal blood lines in them as well. Her great-grandmother Barbara Burnett comes from the Scottish family that lived in Crathes Castle (pictured below) in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The gardens at Crathes Castle are renown for their inspiration of the classic, The Secret Garden, which was also written by a Burnett in Casey's family line! 

Recently having returned from a trip to Scotland, Casey shared images of the castle, the gardens, and her family's crest with Dixie artist and Creative Consultant Holly Hollon who created the beautiful artwork found in our Burnett Holiday Collection! You can see the inspiration board Holly put together for this collection on Pinterest here.

Holly flawlessly incorporated the holly, greyhound dogs, and the hunting horn, all elements of Casey's original family crest, into the modernized Burnett family crest pictured below. She was even able to give the family tartan a fun modern twist with the pink tones that are so near and dear to Casey's heart! 

Our Q&A with Casey

Where is your hometown?

I was born in Richmond, Virginia, but spent most of life growing up in Alexandria, right outside of D.C.!

What is your Alma Mater? 

Covenant College (Go Scotts!)

What was your very first job out of school? 

As a sales associate at Anthropologie 

Favorite Dixie Product?

The Burnett Collection, of course, but I also am obsessed with all of our wrapping papers!

Favorite date night spot in Birmingham? 

Dinner at El Barrio will always be a favorite, and it's within walking distance to some of my favorite bars: The Atomic, Queen's Park, and Carrigan's, just to name a few!

Favorite music to get you in the mood to work?

I love working to soundtracks, my most listened-to ones would have to be the soundtracks to Amélie and Outlander, and of course during the holidays there's nothing better than the Peanuts Christmas soundtrack.

What does a day in life as Casey look like? 

Every day is different for me! Usually I spend a good bit of time on the computer planning out Dixie's social media schedules, other days I'm on location either styling photos for the next Dixie launch or working with other clients on their branding images. Most days I also spend a good amount of time watching Gilmore Girls and hanging out with my cats!

Tell us about your plans for Zoe’s nursery!

It has been such a dream come true to finally get to decorate a nursery! And for a girl?! I basically can't think about anything else. We chose a very vintage and girly looking block printed hummingbird wallpaper from Cole & Sons and then we are adding in layers of pinks, florals, and tartans, and a bamboo dresser that I'm particularly excited about! I'm also planning to add an art print of the illustration of Crathes Castle Holly created for the Burnett Collection above Zoe's crib!

Favorite Instagram account (or accounts) to follow for inspiration? 

I love following @designsponge, @imakestagram, and @carsonellis for artistic inspiration and @msmaverickmuse, @juliahengle, and @zoelaz for personal styling inspo.

If you could spend your perfect day anywhere in the world, where would you be and what would you do? 

It would definitely be spent just wandering the winding streets of Edinburgh (my favorite city on earth) while enjoying a nice crisp cider... There's not much that sounds better than that to me!

You can shop the entire Burnett Collection on our website here.

Card Photography: Mary Margaret Smith
Card Stock Image Photography: Holland Williams Photography

Styling: Casey Snipes

Dixie Holiday Tastemaker Spotlight: Interior Designer Shelley Johnstone Paschke

Our Holiday Tastemaker Spotlight series has allowed us the opportunity to introduce you to so many talented and creative individuals. And our introduction today is no exception. London-trained and Chicago-based interior designer Shelley Johnstone Paschke of Shelley Johnstone Designs is celebrated for her elegant European-inspired designs presented with a fresh modern-day twist. Her project portfolio spans the country as well as internationally in London!

A quick glance through her Instagram feed reveals Shelley's exquisite and timeless taste played out in interiors that remain livable.

Images via

Shelley worked with Dixie artist Shanna Masters to create the beautiful holiday tastemaker collection pictured here. Shelley had a clear vision for her collection to include reindeer as well as an evergreen and pine cone garland. Shanna's artwork turned out to perfectly complement the same level of elegance found in Shelley's interiors. We think the finished product is so chic! 

We have included our Q&A with Shelley as well as images of the rest of her tastemaker collection below. You can shop the full Shelley Johnstone Holiday Collection here.

Favorite Holiday Tradition:

Having the house filled with family, friends, good food and holiday cheer. And my mom's famous grasshopper pie!

Dream Dinner Date:

A lovely dinner with my husband, Brett

Favorite Last Minute Holiday Gift Idea:

My homemade hot fudge sauce tied with a pretty chocolate brown satin ribbon

Most Memorable Read:

My mom gave me a copy of Jonathan Livingston's Seagull, and it has always held a special place in my heart... also, Obstacle the Way by Ryan Holiday.

Favorite Hometown Eatery:

Market House on the Square

What Inspires you most?:

My family

Prized Possession:


Most Sentimental Christmas Tree Memory:

A couple of years ago we were all decorating and Brett & I went upstairs because we were so tired, but we could hear giggling and laughter of our children downstairs.

Go-to Hostess Gift:

A beautiful candle or a coffee table book

Hidden Talent:

I have a  photographic memory... but only when it comes to design elements.

Starbucks order:

Almond Milk Hot Chocolate

What did you dream of being when you were a kid?:

A teacher... I did teach preschool before going into interior design.

What is your number one tool for the trade?:

My attention to bespoke details

Card Photography: Mary Margaret Smith Photography

Stock Image Card Photography: Lauren Bailey Photography


An Imperial New Year's Eve Celebration

This fun spin on a New Year's Eve party, inspired by Dixie artist Willa Heart's Imperial Collection, has our wheels spinning on how we can pull this off in our own homes on December 31st! Our team had a ball collaborating with some of our favorite locally-owned creative businesses to style this festive Asian-infused party.

The team at Party Pick-Up nailed the beautiful red and gold balloon garlands. They were also the geniuses behind the adorable party favor boxes you'll find as you continue scrolling!

We could not believe the attention to detail the talented hand of Hey Kat Bakes delivered on her Imperial holiday-themed cookies! 

And what party would be complete without a beautifully styled snack spread? This just so happens to be Courtney Wright of Savor Style's expertise. Of course, fortune cookies were a must!

We were over the moon to have Mary and Wilma owner, Beth Hubrich, host us in her home for the setting of this party. She was also kind enough to lend us all of the fabulous vintage serving pieces to use, as well as that gorgeous vase that housed a breathtaking floral arrangement from Christina Brockman of Huckleberry Collective!

The dragon is one of our favorite aspects in this particular Imperial Dragon Collection, so of course we had to include the art print (available here) in the party setup.

Of course no New Year's Eve party is complete without some noise-makers and sparkle!

These adorable poppers were perfectly suited for the job.

We hope these party images have ignited a little creative spark to help you plan your NYE celebration this year!

You can check out ALL of our NYE card designs by clicking here!


Dixie Holiday Tastemaker Spotlight: Julia Amory of India Amory

We're happy to continue our Holiday Tastemaker introductions with Julia Amory, founder of India Amory, a lifestyle and home goods brand working in Indian block printed cotton of varying weights. The concept of India Amory was developed after  Julia was unable to find printed fabrics she loved at an affordable price for the tables at her Southampton wedding. After designing her own wedding table linens, she was inspired to leave behind her financial services career to pursue what she discovered was her entrepreneurial passion! Her company now offers both ready-made and custom printed textiles in a limitless array of colors and patterns. Julia was born and raised in New York City where she lives with her husband, Minot, their newborn daughter, rescue dog, Hudson, and dachshund, Gracie.

For her Holiday Tastemaker Collection, Julia worked with Dixie artist Inslee Fariss who created the beautiful artwork found throughout the collection. Inslee's floral illustrations were inspired by the bold motifs and graphic block prints found in India Amory patterns. We are thrilled with the resulting Southampton collection and we're excited to pair the menus and place cards with our holiday tables adorned with India Amory linens! 

Continue scrolling for our Q&A with Julia to learn more about her holiday traditions as well as what most inspires her creative work. We have included additional images of her beautiful tastemaker collection at the bottom of this post, but you can shop the full Julia Amory Holiday Collection on our website.

Favorite Holiday Tradition:

My mother has always planted an insane number of paperwhites at Christmastime – they took over the entire house! It’s a tradition I’ve carried into adulthood and there is no happier fragrance than a narcissus during the holidays.

Dream Dinner Date:

In a fantasy world my dream dinner date would be dinner at the original Bilboquet with Marie Antoinette (maybe followed by a trip to the original Bungalow 8?).

Favorite Last Minute Holiday Gift Idea:

India Amory dinner napkins – no hostess on earth ever has enough, they’re cheap and don’t take up a lot of space so they’re easy to have on hand.

Most memorable read:

Anna Karenina

Favorite hometown eatery:

Majorelle in New York, Blue Parrot in East Hampton

What inspires you most?

Impressionist art and 18th century French history, art and architecture

Prized Possession?

Letters from my grandfather 

Most Sentimental Christmas Tree Trimming?

Growing up, the church our family goes to used to give away jingle bells after the pageant on Christmas eve – they end up on the tree as ornaments every year.

Go-to hostess gift?

Anything India Amory!  

Hidden Talent:

I don’t believe in hidden talents – anything I’m good at I use!  

Starbucks Order:

Whole milk latte  

What did you dream of being when you were a kid?

Editor in chief of Vogue  

What is your number one tool of the trade?

Coffee table books – the best inspiration! 

Table Photography:  Patricia Kantzos Photography

Card Photography: Mary Margaret Smith Photography

Stock Image Card Photography: Ashley Cox Photography

Kid's Party Prep: A Nutcracker Party

We are continuing our series of holiday kid-themed parties with a Nutcracker party perfectly suited for any little girl with Clara or Sugar Plum Fairy aspirations! The adorable Nutcracker Toile Collection created by talented Dixie artist Riley Sheehey was our inspiration for this party. This toile artwork truly has it all.... from the pointe shoes, to the Nutcracker characters, to Christmas ornaments and candies, the invitation opens the door for so many ways to celebrate in a whimsical "Kingdom of Sweets" fashion!

The team at Party Pick-Up did an incredible job helping us pull all of the party elements together! They coordinated the disposable paper products, festive straws, and adorable favor boxes that feature a Shop Dear Emmaline hair bow embroidered with a nutcracker! (Continue scrolling for a close-up) 

We were blown away by Hey Kat Bakes' cookie designs! The pointe shoes and the tutus perfectly mirror Riley's delicate artwork on the invitation.

Courtney Wright from Savor Style deserves a standing ovation for the ballerina-pink candy board of mints, macaroons and meringues that she created for our party!

Now who's ready to set a date and have a Nutcracker party with us?! Click here to shop the beautiful Nutcracker Toile Collection that inspired it all.

 Photography: Mary Margaret Smith Photography 

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