Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact you?

You may email us at with any questions. We will be in contact within 24 hours.

Do the cards come with envelopes?

We provide one free premium white pointed flap envelope with each card ordered, along with five (5) extra envelopes. Return address imprinting is available for purchase at $0.65 per envelope.  We offer recipient address imprinted for an additional $0.65 per envelope front.  Please email us and we will send you a link to pay for the recipient address printing.

Do any of your cards require additional postage when mailed?

All our cards use standard postage (a $0.50 stamp) EXCEPT for square cards.  The current required postage rate for square cards is $0.71. The post office sells a $0.71 stamp so you will not have to use multiple stamps on your envelope.

What type of paper do you use?

All cards are printed on premium, heavyweight, slightly textured matte 120 lb. Mohawk Eggshell White Paper. Please note this paper is not a smooth, flat paper; it has a slight texture and it is creamy white, not bright white. Since we use a high quality art paper with a matte finish, your photo printing will also be matte with a soft finish. That also allows the photo and artwork to blend well and not seem disconnected. We can print any flat cards on double ply, 240 lb. Mohawk Eggshell White Paper upon request and for an additional fee.  The price for double ply paper is 85% more than our standard single ply paper.  

Do you offer proofs?

For cards that are customizable through our online Customization Tool and you are able to preview your proof before purchasing, we do not offer a printed proof of your personalized card; however, we can email you an electronic proof upon request.  Please enter your proof request in the Special Instructions box on your VIEW CART screen.  If you are ordering a card or invitation that may not be customized online, you may visit within 2 business days after the date of purchase (*5 business days during the busy holiday season*) to check the status of your proof. You will need to enter your order number and zip code to access your proof. Please note that the first two proofs are free, but each additional proof is $25 each. **During the busy holiday season (September 15 - December 31), we do not create proofs for gift tags, calling cards, stickers or envelopes.** Please ensure the wording you send us for those items is exactly as you want it printed.

Will you create a custom card for me?

The cards found on our website may be minimally customized by our designers to accommodate items such as adding multiple photos to a card or making minor layout changes.  You may view our modification fees and add them to your cart here.  If you would like a fully custom card with original commissioned artwork by a Dixie artist, please email for pricing details.

Can any of your invitations be made into wedding invitations?

Yes! However, wedding invitations take more time to type set and adjust artwork and layout along with additional time proofing with the customer so a modification fee is required. Please click this link and add the modification fee to your cart along with the "every day" invitation you like on our website and we can then create the perfect wedding invitation for you! Free blank envelopes will come with your order. Return address printed envelopes and reply cards must be ordered separately.

Is there a minimum order required?

We require a minimum order of 10 when ordering cards, a minimum order of 12 or 16, depending on the size, when ordering gift tags, and a minimum order of 25 when ordering calling cards. Our wedding collection items (except for notecards) are ordered in quantities of 25, with 25 being the minimum order size.

What is the maximum card order that can be placed?

You may order any number of cards (in multiples of 5) or gift tags (in multiples of 12 or 16) or calling cards (in multiples of 25). If you need to order more than 500 cards or calling cards or more than 400 gift tags, please contact us at  Our wedding collection items (except for notecards) must be ordered in increments of 25.  

What do I receive with my card order?

All card orders come with the following:

  • Cards printed on premium, heavyweight matte 120 lb. Mohawk Eggshell White Paper
  • Free premium white pointed flap envelopes for each card and five (5) extra envelopes.

Can items that are customizable online be previewed before purchasing?

All cards, envelopes and gift tags that are customizable by you online can be previewed online before purchasing. Please ensure you thoroughly review your card before clicking the Finalize button.  You will not be able to retrieve your card after you finalize it.  

Dixie Design Collective is not held responsible for reprinting items that were incorrectly entered by the customer. Please ensure you review all text and photos before you “finalize” your card and then purchase. Additionally, all photographs uploaded to the card in the preview screen have minimum pixel width and height requirements and should be 300 dpi. Lower quality printing may result if any photographs were uploaded and ordered that did not meet these standards. Dixie Design Collective is not responsible for reprinting cards that did not meet the standards provided for uploading photographs.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

You can typically expect to receive your order within seven (7) to ten (10) days. During the holiday season, expect to receive your order within seven (7) to ten (10) BUSINESS days. All orders may be rush processed for an additional fee ($25 or $50 during the holiday season, based on the number of items on your order).  Rush processing reduces your item's processing and printing time from 3-5 business days to 1-2 business days.  Rush processing only expedites the amount of time it takes for your item to be processed and printed.  If necessary, you will need to pay additional expedited shipping fees found on your checkout screen.

Can I cancel or amend my order after it has been submitted?

If you need to change or cancel your order after submission, please immediately email with your order number. If the order has not been sent to print, we can make minor changes to your order. If your items have been created and you would like to cancel your order, your refund amount will equal the order total less any design time incurred on the creation of your items. If the order has already been submitted for printing, we will not be able to cancel or amend the order.

What is the process if I am unhappy with the product I ordered?

If you are unhappy with your products, please email with detailed information regarding your dissatisfaction. Please include your order number and a picture of the item. If both Dixie and the customer agree the quality of the product printing itself is not as expected, Dixie will either reprint the card for free or issue a refund for the order. However, if the dissatisfaction is due to the customer not entering correct text or uploading a lower quality photograph that did not meet the standards listed for image upload, Dixie will not be responsible for reprinting or a refund. This also includes photos that are out of focus or dark when uploaded.  It is the customer's responsibility to lighten the photograph before uploading; please note that the image on your computer screen is backlit and will appear somewhat lighter than it will print.  Dixie will do minimal photo lightening before card processing, but we can not substantially alter the photo uploaded.  It is also fully the customer’s responsibility to ensure all text is entered correctly and a high quality photograph(s) is uploaded. 

If your item required a proof and, after approving the proof and receiving the item in the mail, you notice a mistake with the text, we will reprint your item for a fee.  You will be responsible for shipping.  Please contact us and we will send you a reprint fee payment link. 

What if my cards have been damaged in transit?

If you receive Dixie products damaged in transit, please send a picture of the damaged box and product to After receipt and review of the photograph indicating damage, we will offer you either either a reprint free of charge or a full refund.

Do you ship internationally?

All international orders are initially charged $50 for shipping when the order is placed.  We then contact our shipping agent and determine the actual shipping cost and bill the remaining amount due separately or refund the amount if the actual cost is less than $50.  If you owe more in shipping cost, your order will not be started or fulfilled until your additional shipping bill is paid.  If after receiving the additional shipping bill, you decide to not pay the additional amount, we can refund your order in full.  

Photo Submission

Please note that Dixie does not take responsibility for the quality of customers’ photos. It is fully the customer’s responsibility to ensure uploaded photographs meet our photo submission standards and to upload photos that are in focus and that are not too dark.  We will not reprint cards due to poor image quality or photos that are out of focus or too dark and, thus, do not print well.  Please note that the photo on your computer screen is backlit and appears lighter than the actual printed photograph.

Each uploaded photo should meet the following minimum standards:

Picture resolution: Your photo should have a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) in order to ensure premium printing quality.

File size: The minimum file size will be indicated on your card photo upload screen if the image is too small.  If you receive this "warning," please make the appropriate adjustments to your photo and re-upload. Photos may not be larger than 20 MB (megabytes).  

Photo formats: JPEG, JPG and PNG

Personalizing your card online

This section discusses how to personalize your item if the option is available to do so online yourself.  If Dixie must put your item together, please disregard the below information. 

**For best personalization results, we recommend using a laptop or desktop and Internet Explorer browser (for PC users) and Safari browser (for Mac users).  We can not guarantee the personalization tool will work well using a handheld device (ipad, tablet, phone).**

Our easy to use online Personalization screen allows you to upload photographs, adjust, rotate or zoom their position and customize text for a personal message and/or family name. Complete the following steps to personalize your selected card:

  1. Within the product page, first select the quantity you would like to order from the dropdown menu and then click the blue Personalize It button.
  2. On the left side of the screen, you will see the front of the card you wish to personalize (the sample text will be replaced with your personal text as you complete the steps below). On the right side of the screen, you will see the methods by which you may personalize the card via a photo upload and/or text boxes. You will also find tabs across the top right of the screen to click through the FRONT, INSIDE, BACK of your card to personalize those areas.
  3. To upload a photo, click “Add Your Photo” on the right side of your screen. Click “Upload Photo” and select your desired photo and then click “Upload Image.” Your image will appear within the card on the left side of your screen. If your image does not appear, recheck your photo dimensions and resolution. You may need to adjust those items to meet our photo submission requirements. See the Photo Submission section above for the requirements. Also note that uploading times may vary depending on the size of your photo and your internet speed. You will see a “Loading…” icon appear as your photo is uploading. Do not click “Upload” more than once.  If you are having trouble uploading a photo and you have ensured your photo dimensions conform to our standards, please exit the customization screen and begin at step 1 again.  If your photo still does not upload after restarting, please visit our Troubleshooting section below.
  4. You may zoom, rotate or move your image within the preview card to properly position the photo. You may do so by using the buttons within the photo box or you may resize or zoom in or out by using the corner arrows on the photo itself. You may also click on the image and move it side to side or up and down. 
  5. Please ensure your photo fills the entire box or the entire front or back of the card, as indicated via the sample card on the product page. You may need to zoom your photo in order for it completely fill the area specified. 
  6. To personalize a message and/or name on the card, click “Add Your Text” on the right side of the screen and then click within the text box. You do not need to highlight the current sample text in the box.  Begin typing and the sample text will disappear; it is only in the text box to give you guidance when previewing the card on the left side of the screen. In order to keep with the intended card design, please type your text using upper or lower case letters as it appears in the text box.  All text boxes require text to be entered.  Sample text will not be printed on your final card.  You will not be able to “Finalize” your card until all text boxes have been completed.
  7. Certain text boxes will allow you to type text on multiple lines. Make sure you hit the “Return” button on your keyboard when you want a line to appear below the current text line you’re typing. The preview program will not know when you want the second and third lines to appear. You will need to hit “Return” to separate those lines appropriately.
  8. After you have personalized your selected card, please look over all sides (Flat cards: FRONT and BACK; Folded cards: FRONT, INSIDE TOP, INSIDE BOTTOM and BACK) and ensure the text is entered correctly and the photo is positioned correctly. Please note that Dixie is not responsible for reprinting cards that have incorrect text or photos that are not uploaded according to our photo submission guidelines.
  9. Click “Finalize.”  Please ensure all components of your card (photo position, quality, text entered) are complete and correct before you click Finalize.  You will not be able to preview your card again after you exit this screen.
  10. You will be taken to the Cart screen. At this point you may check out or you may continue shopping by clicking on a category along the top of your screen.
  11. To order personalized Envelopes to accompany your cards, go back to your selected card product page. You will see Matching Products: Custom Envelopes just above the blue Customize and Add to Cart button. Click on the Custom Envelopes link and it will guide you through the personalization of that item.
  12. You may order coordinating Gift Tags is the same way as explained in item #11 above.

If the card details look slightly fuzzy or pixelated in the customization screen, please do not worry your card will print that way.  The customization screen is used for uploading your photos and entering your text; the high resolution, clear (not fuzzy or pixelated) print file is generated after you click “Finalize.” 


If you are having trouble with the customization screen, please review the following circumstances and complete the steps to resolve the possible issue.

The card is sizing down in the Personalization screen and it's hard for me to see the text.
Our personalization screen works best when using Internet Explorer and Safari browsers. Please use one of these two browsers to receive the best experience when customizing your card.  The card resizing issue seems to occur most frequently while using Google Chrome browser. 

My photo will not upload in the card.
Ensure your photo meets our photo submission requirements (see Photo Submission section above).  If your photo does meet our standards and will not upload, please exit the customization screen and begin the personalization process again.  If your photo still will not upload, please perform the following steps to clear your browser's cache:

Safari browser:  History > Clear History and Website Data > Select All History > Clear History

Google Chrome browser:  History > Show Full History > Click and select each history item > Clear Browsing Data

Firefox browser:  History > Clear Recent History > Select Everything > Clear Now

After clearing the cache, you should be able to upload your photo(s).  If you are still having trouble, please contact us at

After resizing or zooming in on my photo, it looks fuzzy or distorted.
When zooming in or resizing a photo, please only use the buttons within the photo box or the corners of the picture.  Do not use the sides of the picture to resize; your photo will become distorted.  If that happens, please exit the customization screen and begin again.  Likewise, if you zoom too far into your photo, the image quality may be compromised and result in a poor quality image that would not print well.  Please note that Dixie is not responsible for reprinting cards that contain a poor quality image, which may be the result from photo distortion or from zooming in too much on the uploaded photo.

When I click the Finalize button, nothing happens.
Each photo box and every text box must be completed before you Finalize your product.  The sample text within the text box is only there to guide you, but it will not print on the final card.  You must enter a message in the text box, even if it is the same message as the sample text.  Your Finalize button is disabled until all customizable components of the card are complete.  After each item is complete and you have reviewed all sides of your card to ensure correctness, you may click the Finalize button.

I have a discount code and I'm not sure where to input it.
Discount codes are entered on the Check Out screen and discounts will be immediately applied.

May I create a card and save it without purchasing it?
You may create an account with Dixie and all orders you place will appear within your account for reference.  However, we do not currently have the capability of creating a card and saving it to be viewed at a later time.  That functionality will be coming soon.