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New Artist Spotlight: Inslee Fariss

We are so excited to introduce you to Inslee Fariss, one of our newest additions to the Dixie artist family!

We have featured some of our favorite pieces from our Holiday Collection that feature Inslee's beautiful artwork below, but first we want you to get to know her  a little bit better...

Inslee began drawing and sketching before she was walking and has been ever since. She has always been inspired by feminine, whimsical and fashionable subject matter. She grew up in Virginia and studied art and art history at Washington & Lee University while also starting her online business to showcase her art.

After graduation, she began taking on custom illustration work and has created art for many wonderful clients in the fashion and beauty industries. Today, in addition to continued work with fashion illustration, she also enjoys painting for wedding clients as well as new parents in need of watercolor artwork for nurseries! She lives in New York City’s West Village with her husband and baby boy and her muse, a miniature dachshund named Ophelia.

You can shop Inslee's cards by clicking here. And keep reading for some fun inside scoop about Inslee's favorite things, what inspires her and that one etiquette "rule" she won't break! 

Magical place:

Corsica, our honeymoon location

Ideal dinner date:

Lucille Ball

Recommended read:

“I Capture The Castle” by Dodie Smith

Favorite recent film:

Loved Three Billboards! But honestly… can we all just watch The Crown always?

Favorite foods:

Croissants, Chocolate and Eastern North Carolina Style Barbeque

Favorite color:

I have never known, and this has driven me nuts for 32 years! Artist problems…


Going for a walk in the city and noticing all the beautiful, strange, wonderful things all around me.

Prized possession:

After my 10 month old son, the Claw Clip holding up my hair right now

Etiquette tip:

I’m not sure if this is a rule or just a stylistic preference but I cannot put my return address in the upper lefthand corner of an envelope. It has to be on the flap.

Writing utensil:

I just discovered calligraphy utensils and am hooked. I want to write grocery lists with an oblique pen from now on!

Hidden talent:

I can de-bone a chicken and prepare a perfect roast

Perfect cup of joe:

Cappuccino from fancy hipster NYC coffee shop in a cool to-go paper cup with a great logo/font. The font really makes it taste better, trust me.

What did you dream of being when you were a kid?

A ballerina!

Creative fuel:

Uninterrupted time and unlimited white paper

Tool of the trade:

Sharpened observation of all of life’s peculiar and particular beauty.

Card photography credits:  Mary Catherine Brownfield, Holland Williams Photography, Brenna Kneiss Photo Co., and Mary Margaret Smith Photography





In the Studio with Holly Hollon

When Dixie's owner, Jennifer Hunt, first inquired with Holly Hollon in late 2014 to design her Christmas card and Holly was unavailable, Jennifer was inspired to create Dixie Design Collective. She approached Holly to help her with branding and card designs, but Holly's role in Dixie soon became Creative Director, helping Jennifer with selecting artists and building a design team to execute Dixie's beautiful collections of stationery. Holly also contributes her own calligraphy and artwork to Dixie's card designs. 

Holly has invited us inside her studio through the lens of Mary Margaret Smith. Scroll down to see her color filled space and read more about her creative process.

When do you work on your artwork? I am naturally a night owl, I love the creative juices that flow at 2 o’clock in the morning, but now being a mother of two little ones, I have learned to be creative when the babysitter arrives. That has really taken some discipline in my work habits to just get to work when I have the time and not necessarily when I "feel" creative. I have become a lot more efficient at my work now being more limited in time, but interesting enough, these past two years I have created some of my best work, even though more limited on time.

Do you have a particular morning [or nightly] routine you follow to get ready to work? Music is key to working. When I am not feeling creative or in the mood to work, if I can get some music going and an iced coffee drink, that jives me to work. Some of my favorites are Louis Armstrong, Dustin O’Halloran, Andrew Bird and For King and Country.

What is your favorite part of your studio space? The light!!! The light in my studio is amazing and is so key to creativity! I also love to have art by art friends in my environment. I recently added fellow Dixie artist, Willa Heart's “Kitty and the Cats” print above my desk and I just love it.

Where do you turn when you need to be creatively refreshed? Outings really creatively refresh me. When I am in a rut with a project, getting out of the house and not looking at the house really help! I love a trip to Continental Bakery for iced tea and a macaron or visiting an antique shop for some refreshment.

Favorite Instagram account for artistic inspiration? I love following The Frances Flair (@ragancain). She takes fantastic, dreamy trips and it is so fun to travel the world through her Instagram account. I also just got the opportunity to work with her and create a crest for her account. A few other favorite are @mrsalice, @willaheart, @santambroeus, @tulipinadesign, @theglampad, @sommersruthie, @matchbookdiaries and @twissmanor.

Favorite Dixie product you have created? Koi Fish and Foo Dogs are some of my favorites! I love anything chinoiserie. My favorite wedding suite is Naples, I just love birds and all things coastal. I have some mid century modern inspired designs coming out this Holiday season that I am pretty excited about too!

Artist Spotlight: Jennifer Ashley Nursery Tour

Congratulations to Dixie artist Jennifer Ashley who welcomed her new daughter, Katherine Isabelle, on May 29th!  Jennifer and her husband have been hard at work completing the nursery in time for the arrival of their first baby. We now have the pleasure of sharing some images of this adorable room with you. 

Jennifer added her personal artistic touches to all of the hand painted art pieces in the room. We love the calming color palette Jennifer chose for her wall color, which allowed her to infuse plenty of personality and color through her art work and in the room's accessories!

We have included some of Jennifer's thoughts on her nursery design as well as some additional images of the precious room below. She has also allowed us a peek into her artistic creative process. Be sure not to miss some of our favorite Dixie products that feature Jennifer's artwork at the bottom of this post... including the summer monkey designs she mentions!

When did you first begin creating as an artist and what inspired you to begin?

I started my illustration business in 2015 after I did some illustrations for my own wedding. I loved painting the flowers I had picked out and creating a monogram for my husband and I.

What is your favorite artistic medium to use?

I have always loved watercolor since I was little. I took private painting lessons as a kid and then studied watercolor in college. 

Where do you turn when you need to be creatively refreshed?

If I have the time, I typically like to step away from my studio. I find that in any moment of life I can be inspired and then I race back to paint something new.

What do you like to listen to when you work?

I enjoy listening to music that relates to whatever I am currently painting. Sounds cliche, but music that feels appropriate in the moment.

Favorite instagram account you follow for inspiration?

The Beaufort Bonnet Company, Maisonette, Thibaut, Coveteur, Gray Malin, The Style Bungalow, Madredallas, etc. I could go on!

Favorite Dixie product you have illustrated?

Summer Monkey illustrations that were just released in the Summer Collection! 

Tell us about your nursery...

I can be very indecisive, so I knew when starting to decorate I wanted the nursery to be both traditional and contemporary, with a fresh feel. I chose a Benjamin Moore Windswept cream wall color which allowed me to play around with the colors I used for the rest of the decor.

The shelves are my favorite element of the nursery, allowing us a space to display a few sentimental items. My father handmade the baby bonnet stands in his workshop. Each wedding anniversary, my husband and I get a new Herend figurine, so this past year was particularly special. I picked the pink and green Mother Goose, which is a sweet reminder of an iconic year. Finally, since I am an illustrator, I love children’s books and added a few of my favorites to the shelves.

The final touch to the nursery was all the wall art I painted. As an illustrator, I typically work very small, so it was an exciting challenge to create extra large paintings to fill the walls. The inspiration for the bunny and bear came from studying vintage patterns and Liberty London fabrics. The acrylic tropical birds flying was a last minute decision and I just love the feel of clouds in the room - it feels like a window into paradise. The silver frames hold photos of when our two dogs, Rigby and Tuck, were puppies. They are very excited to have a new member join the family, so they made a small cameo in the nursery.


Some of our favorite products that feature Jennifer's artwork are below, but you can view them all here.